Child Safety – Bullying – Dr. Rona Novick

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Child Safety – Bullying – Dr. Rona Novick

About the Episode

How can we recognize that our child is being bullied? What is the best way to react to bullying? How to help your child stay safe and avoid bullying?

Welcome to our next topic of our parenting hierarchy – child safety. In this topic, we will explore all of the areas that effect a child’s safety, and talking with leading experts in the field. In this first episode, we have the great pleasure to talk to Dr. Rona Novick, the Dean of the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education. While she worked as a Clinical Professor of Child Psychology at the North Shore LIJ Medical Centre, she developed The Alliance for School Mental Health and authored the B.R.A.V.E. bulling program.

Dr. Rona Novick is an expert in behavior management, child behavior therapy, and bullying. We will hear some exceptionally valuable advice on how to recognize, handle, and prevent bullying, as well as how to teach your child to stay safe and react properly.

[00:00] The definition and types of bullying

[08:35] Clues that a child is being bullied

[11:00] How to react to bullying

[14:38] How to teach children social skills

[17:44] Pretending is a way to stay safe

[19:27] What can a parent do when a child is bullied

[27:41] How to handle an imbalance in your child’s friendship

[31:07] Temperamental traits as a factor in becoming a victim or a bully

[34:49] How to react as a parent when your child is a bully

[36:22] Peer pressure and building refusal skills

[37:50] Witnessing bullying and strategies to stop bullying

[43:55] Advice to parents


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