Child Safety – Domestic Abuse – Yeshaya Kraus (4/6)

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Child Safety – Domestic Abuse – Yeshaya Kraus (4/6)

About the Episode

Domestic abuse. What is it? How does the pressures in our community play a role in domestic abuse? What effects does domestic abuse have on our children and their safety? How can we help our children to recover from domestic abuse? How can we build up our child’s support system, if we are ourselves need a support system?

Welcome back to another episode of the Jews Next Dor. In this episode, Yeshaya Kraus, the previous Director of Education of Shalom Task Force, takes us through each of these critical questions, and much more. This episode was recorded while Yeshaya was still the Director of Education, and since then, he has gone into private practice. Shalom Task Force’s mission is to combat and prevent domestic violence and foster healthy and safe relationships and families, and as director of education, Yeshaya Kraus is the perfect person to take us parents through his process, with his vast experience of leading the educational process for parents and children on this very sensitive topic.

If you have any questions or want to see Yeshaya, please reach out to him at

[00:00] Misconception about domestic abuse
[03:14] The definition of domestic abuse and the alarming CDC statistics
[06:50] Jewish hotline for domestic violence
[09:00] What is domestic abuse and how obvious it is?
[13:05] The content and goals of Yeshaya’s workshops
[18:00] Pressure to get married and picture perfect
[22:30] Vocabulary to talk about domestic abuse
[24:44] Training for therapists and rabbanits
[29:19] The effects of domestic violence on children
[32:50] How can children recover from witnessing domestic abuse
[36:54] What can an abused parent do for their children?
[40:40] How to teach children to recognize abuse?
[47:40] Support system and examples of healthy relationships
[51:20] The impact of parents successfully going to therapy on children
[56:11] The essential role of a parent
[59:17] What are the red flags in relationships?
[1:02:17] What to do when you suspect your child is being abused?
[1:11:23] Final message for parents
[1:15:00] Hotline for victims of domestic abuse


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