Child Safety Starts at Home: The Power of Open Communication Between Parents and Children – Child Safety Month Episode 1

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Child Safety Starts at Home: The Power of Open Communication Between Parents and Children – Child Safety Month Episode 1

About the Episode

Want to learn how to build an unbreakable bond with your kids? How to gain their trust and help them feel comfortable to tell you anything? How to protect them from abuse by building a good relationship?

In this episode of The Jews Next Dor, we are talking about strategies to gain your children’s trust and make sure they know they can come to you during both good and bad times.

Our amazing guests are:
Rachel Zimmerman – Trauma and Abuse Prevention Consultant for Upward Community Services, Trauma Clinician in Private Practice
Sara Horowitz Berkovich, LMSW, Psychotherapist in the Tikvah Center at Ohel in Brooklyn, NY
Rabbi Yakov Horowitz – Innovative Educator, Author, and Child Safety Advocate
Rav Avremi Zippel – Shliach, Director – Young Jewish Professionals Utah
Sophie Baum, Student from Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School (RKYHS)
Talya Nativ, Student from Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School (RKYHS)
Emily Tennenberg, Student from Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School (RKYHS)

Tune in to hear about the techniques for developing a relationship in which kids feel comfortable confiding in anything, from secrets to struggles.

00:00 Introduction to Rachel Zimmerman
02:18 Do parents still need to be as concerned?
04:11 The most important steps to take to keep children safe
13:31 How to talk to a child about safety and not make them anxious?
18:10 What should more parents know about safety?
21:27 Believing a child but also having a good investigation system
23:09 Is Teshuvah enough for a person who offended a kid?

25:35 Introduction to Rabbi Avremi Zippel
28:20 Why do children stay silent about the abuse
33:36 What can parents do?
37:53 How to help a child overcome shame?
43:15 Opening about the abuse
46:58 Talking about uncomfortable things
50:10 Final message from Rabbi Avremi Zippel

51:17 Introduction to Yakov Horowitz & Sara Horowitz Berkovich
51:39 Being able to tell your parents anything
57:22 How to build a good relationship with your children?
1:01:16 If you don’t want to make mistakes, don’t get out of bed
1:05:28 Things hard to share
1:08:39 Be vulnerable and put children before your pride

1:10:31 Introduction to Sophie, Emily and Talia
1:10:55 Being honest with your parents
1:16:13 Can parents understand their children?
1:20:23 How can parents build trust with their children?
1:22:58 Would you tell anyone if someone acted inappropriately?
1:29:39 People need to share

1:31:49 Building a relationship with your child with Rachel Zimmerman
1:36:08 The cues that an abuse is going on
1:39:04 Why wouldn’t children want to tell parents about the abuse?
1:42:53 How to create a relationship where children can tell you anything?
1:48:02 Is it OK for children to have secrets?
1:51:17 Talking to older children about keeping secrets
1:53:41 The final message

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