Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids: What Parents Need to Know | Dr. David Pelcovitz

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Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids: What Parents Need to Know | Dr. David Pelcovitz

About the Episode

Welcome back to another episode of The Jews Next Dor! We have the absolute pleasure of sitting with the famous David Pelcovitz, Gwendolyn, and Joseph Straus Chair in Psychology and Jewish Education, Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration at Yeshiva University.

Dr. Pelcovitz is the go-to person in the Jewish community for issues facing children and adolescents, like transmitting values, stress management, coping with trauma and loss, and domestic violence. He is also the author of an incredible book Balanced Parenting.

In this episode, we will learn the keys to laying a foundation of mental wellness for our children. Dr. Pelcovitz shares invaluable insights on modeling healthy behaviors, supporting kids through different developmental stages, and helping them build resilience to face life’s challenges. Discover simple ways to be fully present, believe in your children unconditionally, and help them navigate issues like social media, trauma, and more.

00:00 Intro
02:22 How can parents take care of their own emotional health?
07:19 The importance of taking care of the emotional health of a child
11:44 How do parents get a child to have self-confidence?
14:20 How to deal will trying children?
18:54 Emotional health of a child affects their religious development
20:00 The changes in different developmental stages
23:05 Trauma and resilience
26:24 Regulating the use of social media
27:55 Supporting a struggling child
33:49 How can parents create a supportive environment?
34:52 Wrapping up

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