How to Parent with Purpose: Understanding Parenting Styles | Blimie Heller

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How to Parent with Purpose: Understanding Parenting Styles | Blimie Heller

About the Episode

What are 4 main parenting styles? What is your parenting style? Are you helping or hurting your child?

Welcome to another episode of The Jews Next Dor! This episode kicks off our series about parenting styles, the next topic of our parenting hierarchy, which we took a long break from due to the various Chagim and back to school. We are so glad to welcome Blimie Heller again and have another incredible and eye-opening episode on parenting, this time, on different parenting styles.

Blimie Heller is famously known for creating amazing content on her Instagram page called Unconditional Parenting. She is a mom and a parenting coach passionate about helping parents build better relationships with their children based on respect and trust, and speaks about how she came to develop her parenting style.

00:00 Intro
00:52 What are the different parenting styles?
06:14 Can parents be friends with their children?
11:57 What influences our parenting styles?
14:42 The influence of the attachment theory
17:07 Pros and cons of different parenting styles
21:26 Identifying your parenting style
28:05 Should parents have the same parenting style?
35:46 How to change your parenting style?
44:28 What is a sign that something needs to be changed?
46:55 Finding the best parenting style for your child
49:50 Discovering the need of a child that isn’t met
54:25 Does parenting styles shift at some point?
56:56 The final message

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