Special Guest #1 – Blimie Heller

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Special Guest #1 – Blimie Heller

About the Episode

What is unconditional parenting? Why are self-reflection and self-regulation so important? How to build a relationship with your child with respect and trust?

Welcome to our first special guest episode. Every once in a while, we will be featuring a special guest, in which we spoke about parenting in a more general way, in a way that is not explicitly part of our parent’s hierarchy of needs, and is more broad in nature, hitting on more topics.

For this first special guest episode, we have the opportunity to learn from one of my favorite parenting experts, Blimie Heller, famously known for creating amazing content on her Unconditional parenting Instagram page. Blimie is a mom and a parenting coach, passionate about helping parents build better relationships with their children based on respect and trust. Blimie’s topic of expertise is perfectly aligned with our first topic of creating a relationship with one’s child. Blimie explains her parenting journey the psychology behind unconditional parenting, and why trust and respect is is the utmost importance to her, practical advice on understanding a child’s behavior, and how we can change our reactions in the moment, and so much more.

[00:00] Introduction

[01:00] Blimie Heller and her goals as a parenting coach

[05:02] The importance of respect and trust

[07:30] Children communicate through their behavior

[10:12] Unconditional parenting and its practical implementation

[15:08] Self-reflection and self-regulation

[22:22] The influence of our own childhood experience

[28:32] Building your child’s self-confidence

[33:13] The impact of technology

[36:30] Building a relationship with God

[38:30] Practical tips for disciplining children

[50:03] Favorite post

[51:30] Book recommendation



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