Teen Anxiety and The New School Year | Dr. David Pelcovitz

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Teen Anxiety and The New School Year | Dr. David Pelcovitz

About the Episode

In this episode of the Jews Next Dor podcast, Rabbi Yair Menchel sits down with renowned child and adolescent psychology expert Dr. David Pelcovitz to address the pressing issue of teenagers’ fears as they face the challenges of going back to school. Discover invaluable insights and practical tips for parents to support their teens during this transitional period. From academic pressures to social anxiety, this conversation covers it all, emphasizing the importance of parental presence, active listening, and validation. Prepare your teenager to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially in the dynamic school environment.

[00:00:00] Teens Back to School Fears: A Discussion with Dr. David Pelcovitz
[00:01:00] How Parents Can Support Teens in Their School Transition
[00:08:47] Raising Children: A Balance Between Small Docheh B’Yemin and M’karev Bsmol
[00:11:28] Dealing with Adolescent Anxiety and Changes in Friendships
[00:20:24] Navigating Parenting Challenges with Teenagers
[00:23:26] Supporting Teenagers and Parents in Difficult Situations
[00:24:41] The Role of Social Media in Teenage Anxiety: A Discussion with Dr. David Pelcovitz
[00:32:48] Discussion on Managing Teenager’s Anxiety-related School Issues
[00:33:59] Discussion about Teens, Adolescents, and Back-to-School Fears
[00:37:25] Parenting Tips for a New School Year

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