3. Building a Relationship with One’s Child – Intervention – Devorah Weiss (3/4)

Laying Strong Foundations Building a Relationship with your child {{episode.audio_date_recorded !== '' ? formatDate(episode.audio_date_recorded) : episode.post_date.slice(0,10)}}
Building a Relationship with your child {{formatDate(episode.audio_date_recorded)}}
3. Building a Relationship with One’s Child – Intervention – Devorah Weiss (3/4)

About the Episode

Today we have the great pleasure to talk to Mrs. Devorah Weiss, a social worker and a certified parent and teen coach, who mostly works with parents of challenging teens. She is a wealth of knowledge and useful information that can help parents on their parenting journey.

Parents are often unaware that their behaviors are controlling and have very bad impact on their children. All parents should ask themselves if their behaviors put them closer to their children or further away from them?

Is it better to be right or to be connected? What is the true role of a parent? Mrs. Devorah Weiss is here to answer all these and many more questions and teach us how to establish meaningful, loving relationships with our kids.


[00:00] Introduction

[01:48] Having control and controlling behaviors

[06:40] What impact do controlling behaviors have on children

[10:44] The role of a parent in different stages of children’s lives

[14:40] Healthy, loving relationship produces good behavior in children

[19:37] Parents are hurting their kid without realizing it

[23:03] What do our kids need the most?

[26:08] What is respect and how to show respect?

[40:03] Listen to your children and understand them

[46:04] What to do to repair your relationship with children

[51:26] Religion – give example and love your kids no matter what

[54:33] Wrapping-up

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