4. Building a Relationship with One’s Child – Wrap-up (4/4)

Laying Strong Foundations Building a Relationship with your child {{episode.audio_date_recorded !== '' ? formatDate(episode.audio_date_recorded) : episode.post_date.slice(0,10)}}
Building a Relationship with your child {{formatDate(episode.audio_date_recorded)}}
4. Building a Relationship with One’s Child – Wrap-up (4/4)

About the Episode

We learned so many foundational ideas, on a basic level, a practical level, and intervention when it’s not working, to create a relationship with one’s child. Sometimes we don’t fully grasp the meaning or practicality of an extremely deep idea said in one line on a podcast. As such, in this episode, we will be wrapping up this topic by going over the fundamental ideas, diving a bit deeper, and offering practical scenarios and tips for each of them.

We all want to raise strong, confident, passionate and committed Jews. Thus, we are so thankful to our knowledgeable and experienced guests – Rav Eisenstein, Elana Mizrahi, and Devorah Weiss – and their valuable advice.


[00:25] The first 3 episodes – what we learned

[01:00] Our children owe us nothing – our job is to plant seeds

[03:48] Practical example of good parental behavior

[05:22] Adolescence is much longer than it used to be

[06:12] How to help a child become more mature

[08:30] The importance of self-awareness and self-care

[12:01] Safety requires boundaries

[16:30] Respect your child as a piece of God

[18:00] Children are not to be controlled but respected


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