8. Pre-Pesach Series Ep. 3 | Structure & Flexibilty w/ Dr. Robin Akselrud

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8. Pre-Pesach Series Ep. 3 | Structure & Flexibilty w/ Dr. Robin Akselrud

About the Episode

How can we maintain our family routine during Pesach? What to do with your kids during Pesach preparations? How to raise them to be independent and helpful? Welcome to another episode of our Pre-Pesach series! Our guest is Dr. Robin Akselrud, a Program Director at LIU-Brooklyn, Author of The My OT Journey Planner, and Developer of the My OT Journey Podcast.

We are talking about a family routine and how to maintain it without stress during Pesach preparations. You will hear some great, insightful, and helpful tips on involving children in Pesach preparations, helping them to adjust to the change of their routine, and teaching them to be helpful and independent. Tune in to hear more! 

[00:00] Introduction to Dr. Robin Akselrud

[02:30] The ideal family routine

[05:16] The children strive on structure

[07:45] How to maintain a routine during the Pesach period without stress?

[11:25] How to prepare children for the Pesach and pre-Pesach activities?

[19:05] Eating and sleep routine during Pesach[24:40] How to raise independent children?

[29:17] Chores – be flexible and make it fun

[34:50] How to enjoy activities with children without stress

[37:40] Tips for pre-Pesach activities

[40:45] Self-care and managing personal stress

[42 15] Final words

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