9. Pre-Pesach Series Ep. 4 | The Seder Preparation w/ Mrs. Sharon Richter

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9. Pre-Pesach Series Ep. 4 | The Seder Preparation w/ Mrs. Sharon Richter

About the Episode

How to prepare a joyous and educational Seder? What are some pro tips that can help parents? How to make sure all kids are involved and have a voice?

Welcome to another episode of our Pre-Pesach series! We are having an amazing conversation with Mrs. Sharon Richter, or as some know her, Morah Sarah.

Mrs. Richter has been the Lower School Associate Principal of Judaic Studies at Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy (SAR) since 2005. She began her career at SAR in 1986 as a Judaic studies teacher after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Judaic studies from Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University. She is known for her Parashat haShavua series and her inspirational “Spiritual Sparks” workshops.

She is sharing some excellent tips on how to prepare for the Seder as a family, how to make the Seder educational, but also fun and joyous, and how to help your kids come out of the Seder with amazing memories and positive feelings.

[00:00] Going into Jewish education

[01:33] How to prepare for the Seder as a family

[05:44] Practical tips and using props to convey the message

[09:10] How to help parents become educators

[15:15] Practical preparation – setting the table, feeding kids, bulletin board

[18:07] Pro-tips for the Seder

[21:17] Know your children and make sure everyone has a voice

[27:54] The Sparks workshops

[31:20] Final message

[33:22] Recommendation for Haggadah


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