Child Safety – Child Abuse Prevention – Rahel Bayar

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Child Safety – Child Abuse Prevention – Rahel Bayar

About the Episode

What is the child safety? How can parents keep their children safe from abuse and sextortion? What are cues that one’s child may be being used? Rahel Bayar, Founder and CEO of the Bayar Group and Former Sex Crimes & Child Abuse Prosecutor, answers all of these questions, and much more in this second episode of the child safety month.
Rahel Bayar is a sought after keynote speaker, trainer, workshop facilitator and consultant. Rahel is trusted by companies, K-12 schools, camps and organizations across the country to deliver inspiring abuse and harassment prevention training, and inspire those she meets to work collaboratively to create safe spaces. She uses her expertise as a former sex crimes and child abuse prosecutor, and a former managing director of the sexual misconduct consulting and investigations division of a global investigative company to effectively help each organization work to create a safe space for all.

We are talking about child safety and a very sensitive topic of child abuse. You will learn how to talk to your child about the potential abuse, how to react properly if the abuse happens, and how to teach a child to recognize “tricky behaviors” and talk to you without shame or fear.

[00:00] Are our kids really safe in their safe places?
[03:27] Rahel Bayar’s workshops on child abuse
[06:40] How to create an atmosphere of trust for a child to talk
[16:15] The main goal when talking to children about abuse
[18:20] What is sextortion and how to prevent it?
[22:45] How to react if your child is harassed or abused?
[27:13] What are the red flags of abuse?
[30:50] How to teach a child about tricky behaviors?
[37:39] Differentiating secrets
[39:28] Sexual abuse in the Jewish community
[43:00] Holidays are times to be cautious
[48:00] The conversation has to be ongoing


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