Child Safety: Policies That Protect, Education That Empowers

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Child Safety: Policies That Protect, Education That Empowers

About the Episode

Welcome to The Jews Next Dor! In this episode, our guests discuss the best practices for establishing comprehensive child safety policies and procedures in schools, camps, and youth programs. Leaders from various organizations share their approaches to creating safe environments through staff training, clear protocols, and fostering an open culture of awareness, vigilance, and proactive communication around child protection.

In section 1, you will hear some valuable insights on child safety in schools from:

– Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union (OU)
– Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, Innovative Educator, Author, and Child Safety Advocate
– Ahuvah Heyman
– Debbie Fox, Founder of Magen Yeladim Child Safety Institute

In section 2, you will hear about child safety in camps and youth organizations from:

– Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union (OU)
– Keevy Fried
– Lauren Shaivitz, Esq, LMSW, CHANA’s Executive Director
– Ditza Berger

Tune in for more!

Section 1
00:00 Intro
03:36 The goal of this episode
09:02 Debbie Fox’s experience with the implementation of school safety measures
16:04 Rabbi Horowitz on implementing child safety measures
23:49 Mrs. Heyman on educating the whole community on child safety
30:18 Training stuff to have safe relationships with children (Debbie Fox)
35:55 Clear school policies that are communicated to everyone (Rabbi Horowitz)
38:35 School being able to flag suspicious situations (Mrs.Heyman)
42:52 How to communicate with children? (Rabbi Horowitz)
47:18 What have we done and where do we still need to go (Debbie Fox)
52:04 The importance of having structure and policies
54:06 The final message

Section 2
58:01 Child safety in more informal organizations – camps and youth groups
1:01:03 Creating child safety within youth organizations (Lauren Shaivitz)
1:04:31 How does camp Sternberg ensure safety for kids? (Ditza Berger)
1:06:58 A key for creating policies that work (Rabbi Keevy Fried)
1:11:02 We need to recognize abuse and believe kids (Lauren Shaiviz)
1:14:33 How to build a safe but warm and welcoming environment (Ditza Berger)
1:17:13 How does ensuring child safety in camps look like? (Rabbi Keevy Fried)
1:22:03 What to do when you notice something is wrong? (Lauren Shaiviz)
1:28:38 How does the Orthodox community deal with these issues? (Ditza Berger)
1:31:46 How to make people embrace and not resist safety measures? (Rabbi Keevy Fried)
1:39:59 We’ll never be perfect, but we need to be proactive (Rabbi Moshe Hauer)
1:45:46 The final words

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