Jewish Parenting Hacks: Navigate the Unnavigatable | Rabbi Phil Karesh

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War in Israel {{formatDate(episode.audio_date_recorded)}}
Jewish Parenting Hacks: Navigate the Unnavigatable | Rabbi Phil Karesh

About the Episode

Navigating the uncharted waters of Jewish parenting can be daunting, especially during times of crisis. Yet, in this heartwarming episode of The Jews Next Dor podcast, we delve into the world of parenting through the eyes of faith and community. Join host Rabbi Yair Menchel and special guest, Rabbi Phil Karesh, as they share invaluable insights into managing family dynamics amidst the Israel crisis. Rabbi Karesh, the director of GenAleph and a seasoned leader, offers a unique perspective on resilience, spiritual guidance, and the importance of maintaining positivity while raising the next generation of passionate community members. Rabbi Karesh talks about what conversations he has had with the various communities he has been working with, and what it has been like parenting his own children.

Tune in to discover how these leaders tackle tough questions with compassion, navigate difficult conversations with children, and find strength and support within their community. Gain insight into crisis management strategies that can apply to families everywhere.

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0:00 – Introduction to Parenting Challenges
1:18 – Parental Struggles Overview
3:59 – Genesis of Gen Aleph in Hollywood
7:56 – Parenting During Crisis
9:47 – Children’s Emotional Response to War
12:18 – Age-Appropriate Conversations with Kids
17:46 – War’s Psychological Impact on Youth
20:37 – OU’s Rally Promotion in DC
22:05 – Discussing Current Events with Children
26:26 – Professional Insight on Parenting Challenges
29:25 – Eight Key Parenting Questions
31:51 – Addressing Unanswerable Questions with Kids
33:23 – Non-Verbal Communication with Children
35:07 – Concluding Parenting Advice
38:30 – Closing Remarks and Contact Information

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