5 Creative Ways to Make Sukkot Memorable for Kids | Sari Kopitnikoff

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5 Creative Ways to Make Sukkot Memorable for Kids | Sari Kopitnikoff

About the Episode

This episode of the Jews Next Dor podcast features Sari Kopitnikoff, a bestselling Jewish author and creator of educational games and programs, as the guest. Sari shares many creative ideas for bringing meaning, intention, and playfulness (MIP) to celebrating Sukkot with children of all ages. She discusses practical ways to build excitement for younger kids through storytelling and activities that make time in the sukkah feel cozy. 

For older children, Sari suggests engaging them through discussion and games that connect the traditions and history of Sukkot to their experiences. Throughout the interview, she provides numerous suggestions for infusing davening, sukkah decorating, and other traditions with fun elements like escape room games, word puzzles, and more. Listeners will come away with a wealth of new ideas to create unforgettable Sukkot memories and traditions for their families through intentional yet playful approaches.

0:00 Parenting strategies for success with a focus on Sukkot.

2:56 Leaving materialism behind during Sukkot celebrations.

8:36 Sukkot celebration and meaningful experiences for children.

14:34 Sukkot holiday activities and games for children.

19:52 Judaism, inclusivity, and the High Holidays.

22:12 Spiritual growth and connection during Sukkot.

27:28 Using games and activities to engage children in Yom Kippur.

32:06 Parenting and creating memories with intention.

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