Pre-Rosh Hashanah Parenting with Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

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Pre-Rosh Hashanah Parenting with Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

About the Episode

How important is our own self-development for your children? How to help children find their true selves and grow? How to enable children to deeply connect to HaShem?

Welcome to another episode of The Jews Next Dor! Our guest today is Rabbi Shmuel Reichman an international speaker, bestselling author, business coach, and the CEO of Self-Mastery Academy. He has lectured internationally on topics of Torah thought, psychology, leadership, and business, uniquely blending many areas of Torah and wisdom together.

We are talking about the importance of self-development and a growth mindset, how to empower children and help them connect to HaShem meaningfully, and how to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves through their relationship with HaShem.

Tune in to hear more!

[01:49] The fundamentals of good parenting
[04:06] We need struggles and challenges to grow
[08:48] Self-development is you against yourself
[13:08] How to inspire a growth mindset in children
[16:15] Helping kids become aware of themselves and of the bigger picture
[19:36] Being empowered and connected to HaShem and Torah
[24:03] Talking to your kids about Rosh HaShana
[31:09] How to make Simanim meaningful to children
[37:36] How to understand placing a crown on HaShem’s head
[43:54] The story of the guy on the train

A special thank you to Mosaica Press for sponsoring this episode. Find Rabbi Reichman’s book here

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