How To Discipline Your Children Without Yelling – Mrs. Sarah Chana Radcliffe

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How To Discipline Your Children Without Yelling – Mrs. Sarah Chana Radcliffe

About the Episode

How to stay calm and control your feelings as a parent? How to teach your children to control their feelings? What are the techniques to rewire children’s brains for desirable behavior?

Welcome to another episode of The Jews Next Dor! We are so pleased to have Mrs. Sarah Chana Radcliffe as our guest today. She is a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, practicing marriage, parenting, and individual counseling for over 40 years.

Mrs. Radcliffe is the author of “No More Ticks”, “Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice”, “Better Behavior Now”, “The Fear Fix”, “Harmony at Home”, and 6 other books on family life and emotional well-being.

She is also a weekly columnist and international lecturer, presenting keynotes and workshops on family life and personal stress management. She is the creator of “Daily Parenting Posts” email lists and offers parenting education on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

[00:00] How did Sarah got involved with parenting?
[01:47] How to provide your kids with the best start in life?
[03:41] Managing anger is key to preventing harm
[07:26] How to teach kids to control their feelings?
[11:13] Express what you want from a child in a calm, short, and specific way
[15:20] Two times rule and presenting consequences
[17:57] Techniques to wire the child’s brain to cooperation
[21:10] Learning positive behavior with rapid wiring of the brain
[26:04] How to get a child out of fight-or-flight mode?
[27:57] Marriage is a parenting tool
[30:33] What should parents do when they are angry?
[33:20] Bach flower remedies
[38:19] Low self-esteem in children and energy-based techniques
[44:00] What to do when a child shuts down?
[45:48] Anxiety in children

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