Raising Strong and Resilient Children – Rabbi Shimon Russell

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Raising Strong and Resilient Children – Rabbi Shimon Russell

About the Episode

What does one do if their child is going off the derech? Why is a good attachment with children so important? How to raise strong and resilient children in this day and age? What are the pillars of the core sense of self?

Our guest today is Rabbi Shimon Russell, a psychotherapist and a world authority on the challenges of “At-Risk” teens and young adults. His expertise is in the areas of marriage, parenting, education, adolescents, and treatment of unresolved early childhood trauma.

He is the author of an amazing book “Raising a Loving Family”, a practical down-to-earth guidance created to help parents navigate the challenges of raising children in today’s turbulent world, which won gold for this year’s Benjamin Franklin Award in Psychology.

[00:00] What inspired Rabbi Russell to get into the parenting area
[06:45] Tough parenting of the post-holocaust era and its consequences
[13:24] Equalization of status between children and adults
[15:53] Technology made children independent too early
[18:28] Adults should create a reality where children feel safe and secure
[20:33] Seeing and recognizing the uniqueness of the child
[27:05] Soothing and focusing on good attachment
[34:42] The role of a parent is to provide resilience
[38:25] Setting limits – structure, rules, and discipline
[44:24] Two pillars of a core sense of self
[52:23] Parents and teachers must be good examples
[55:08] Why do kids sometimes go off?
[58:38] Parents must overcome their own egos and fight for their child
[1:05:25] We have to go back to grassroots


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