Overcoming Fear & Anxiety Since the Israel Crisis: Tools from a Trauma Expert | Dr. Norman Blumenthal

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War in Israel {{formatDate(episode.audio_date_recorded)}}
Overcoming Fear & Anxiety Since the Israel Crisis: Tools from a Trauma Expert | Dr. Norman Blumenthal

About the Episode

This episode features Dr. Norman Blumenthal, a licensed clinical psychologist who serves as the Zachter Family Director of Trauma and Crisis Intervention for OHEL and Adjunct Professor at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, both of Yeshiva University, who discusses coping with trauma from recent events in Israel and Gaza. Dr. Blumenthal shares his experiences working with communities impacted by crises and outlines developmentally appropriate ways to discuss topics like anti-Semitism, kidnapping fears, and trauma with children of all ages. He emphasizes the importance of self-care for adults and explains techniques like limiting media exposure. Viewers will learn about processing trauma on an individual and communal level through open communication, maintaining routines, and drawing on resilience from Jewish history and ancestry. The episode provides actionable advice and perspective from a leading expert that can help families and communities dealing with difficult issues.

0:00 – Trauma and crisis response with a focus on recent events.

3:18 – Trauma and its impact on individuals.

8:23 – Coping with anti-Semitism and trauma in young children.

13:22 – Coping with anti-Semitism and trauma.

18:54 – Different approaches to dealing with anti-Semitism in various communities.

21:22 – Jewish identity, history, and survival.

26:26 – Trauma and coping strategies for children.

31:12 – Managing emotions and empathy for teenagers in extreme circumstances.

36:21 – Compassion, empathy, and resilience in the face of adversity.

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