Power of Parent-School Partnership with Rabbi Gary Menchel

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Power of Parent-School Partnership with Rabbi Gary Menchel

About the Episode

Dive into this captivating podcast as Rabbi Gary Menchel and his son, our podcast host, Rabbi Yair Menchel, unravel the dynamic world of parental-school partnerships.

With insights that go beyond the ordinary, Rabbi Menchel sheds light on how this partnership is the secret sauce for a child’s triumph in academia and their deep-rooted connection to Judaism. Get ready for a journey through trust-building, respect-forging, and the art of transparent, open conversations between parents and schools.

Discover invaluable advice on how parents can supercharge their children’s learning journey, while schools learn to empower teachers with the art of effective parental collaboration. And that’s not all – join them as they navigate the tricky waters of disagreements and challenges, all while championing the ultimate goal: a child’s best interests leading the way.

This podcast isn’t just a discussion; it’s a masterclass in nurturing success through the power of partnership.

[0:00] Introduction
[3:50] The Significance of Aligning Values and Expectations
[10:41] Advocating for Your Child: Tips for Parents
[15:30] Fostering a Positive Parent-Partnership Dynamic
[22:46] Recognizing Signs of Disengagement in Your Child
[28:13] Key Parental Considerations to Keep in Mind

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