From Tears to Reflection: Helping Children Navigate Loss on Tisha B’Av – Rabbi Larry Rothwachs & Sally Shatzkes

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From Tears to Reflection: Helping Children Navigate Loss on Tisha B’Av – Rabbi Larry Rothwachs & Sally Shatzkes

About the Episode

How can parents help children to appreciate and really tap into the 3 weeks, the 9 days, and ultimately, Tisha B’av? How can parents model mourning when it is difficult for themselves to tap into the mourning?How can parents engage in discussions with their children about loss and create meaningful moments of reflection? Rabbi Larry Rothwachs and Sally Shatzkes answer these questions and much more in this week’s episode of the Jews Next Dor, in a special 9 days edition episode.

In this podcast, the focus is on guiding children in understanding and processing the loss and mourning of Tisha B’Av. Sally Shatzkes, a playwright and drama therapist at Yeshiva of Flatbush, and Performing Arts Department Head of Camp Morasha, shares her approach to crafting annual plays for Tisha B’Av at the camp. The plays serve as a means for campers to contemplate loss and their roots, moving beyond mere tears. Rabbi Rothwachs explains how these plays build connections between the present and the past, enabling campers to connect with the significance of the Temple’s destruction.

The conversation delves into how parents can engage in discussions with their children about loss and Jewish history, fostering creative outlets for expression. Rather than having children mourn continuously for 24 hours, the focus is on creating meaningful moments of reflection. It is stressed that children are capable of handling conversations about loss, but parents must first delve into their own feelings of loss to effectively guide their children.

Overall, the podcast advocates for using the 9 Days as a time of introspection and spiritual growth, encouraging adults to seize the opportunity to support children in understanding and processing grief while connecting to their heritage.

A special thank you to Camp Morasha for sponsoring this episode, and their continuous support of Jewish Education, a central part of their mission.

Episode Time Stamps:

0:00 – Tisha B’Av should not be about sad things like the Holocaust or motorcycle accidents
3:08 – Captivating Content: Creating Relevance for Every Audience
9:52 – The Enchanting Evolution: A New Play Every Year!
12:30 – Mirror Magic: What Lies Beyond the Reflection?
18:28- Education Redefined: Sally’s Secrets to Engaging Parental Benefits
21:36 – Time Travelers Unite: Embracing History without Losing Touch
28:13 – The Ultimate Answer Revealed! Unlocking Life’s Hidden Secrets
31:11- Little Minds, Big Conversations: Navigating Loss with Kids
37:58 – Child’s Play: How Kids Triumph over Loss
41:17 – Bereavement Reimagined: Three Weeks of Empowerment
46:05 – Portal to the Past: Bringing History Alive in the Present
49:11 – Beyond Ordinary: Where Past, Present, and Future Collide

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