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Role Playing for Child Safety: Practical Strategies for Difficult Conversations
3 Dec, 2023 Role Playing for Child Safety: Practical Strategies for Difficult Conversations

Welcome to another episode of The Jews Next Dor dedicated to child safety. In this segment, we'll engage in role-playing scenarios to explore various conversations we ought to have with our children about their bodily autonomy and safety. We're joined by the experts in this area: Mrs. Debbie Fox, Founder of Magen Yeladim Child Safety Institute Dr. Shloimie Zimmerman, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, the Founder of Child and Adult Psychological Services PLLC, and the speaker and consultant in child development, education, abuse prevention, and trauma. 00:00 Intro 03:28 Creating a natural atmosphere for conversation 13:51 The importance of conversation about private parts 21:37 The examples of role-playing 26:05 How to react if kids are playing games including body parts? 33:15 Can kids bathe together? 37:56 Red flag and yellow flag areas 41:47 When and how to advance the conversation? 48:59 Following safety rules and exceptions 55:10 How to explain that touching is never a secret? 1:00:07 The consequences of not talking to children about this topic 1:03:22 Conversations about sleepovers and camps 1:06:49 Developmental stages and maintaining boundaries 1:14:00 Differences between talking to girls and boys 1:21:35 How to talk to parents when the topic is awkward? 1:28:30 The final message Follow us! Gen Aleph Website - Twitter - IG - YT -

Parenting in the Parsha - Vayishlach
1 Dec, 2023 Parenting in the Parsha - Vayishlach

How can Yaakov Avinu, known for his incredible emunah, be so afraid of Esav? The answer is an important lesson for all parents. Enjoy and good Shabbos!

Protecting Our Most Precious: How to Set Up a Safe Home
26 Nov, 2023 Protecting Our Most Precious: How to Set Up a Safe Home

Welcome to The Jews Next Dor and the second part of our Child Safety Month episode. In part 1, we discussed how parents can create a relationship where children will be willing to share and prevent child abuse. If you haven't listened to it yet, I strongly recommend checking it out - In the second part of the Child Safety Month episode, we are discussing what we can do to make our home a safe space for our children. In the first segment, we are talking to Dr. Michael Salomon, a Ph.D. and the author of The Abuse in the Jewish Community. He is famous for his work in raising awareness on the prevention of the treatment of child sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community. In the second segment, we will hear an insightful and eye-opening story of a sexual abuse survivor - Kim Siegel, a mother, and a science and humanities teacher. And in third segment we’ll dive into the topic with Dr. Akiva Perlman, an international speaker and educator on topics of abuse, addiction, trauma and Tamar Perlman, a licensed clinical psychologist who lectures on many different topics, including parenting, marriage, emotion, regulation, and self-actualization. Tune in to hear more on this extremely important topic! 00:00 Intro 03:36 Introduction to Dr. Michael Salomon 04:44 Is abuse in the family prevalent? 11:42 How do people react to child abuse information? 14:17 What to tell children to prevent abuse in the family? 18:19 Situational awareness and systems of supervision 22:44 It’s parents’ responsibility to monitor, believe and react 24:15 The final message 26:30 Introduction to Kim Siegel 27:34 Kim’s sexual abuse experience 31:30 Kim’s relationship with her parents and teachers 34:02 The reaction of parents to her abuse 39:48 The absence of normal boundaries 42:53 What would she do differently? 46:35 Relationships with her father and brother 49:14 Setting up a healthy home 51:46 Introduction to Dr. Akiva and Dr. Tamar Perlman 52:46 Working with abuse survivors 57:30 Shame is an internalization of an abusive experience 1:02:35 Something bad happened to me vs. I am bad as a person 1:04:03 Abusers can sense vulnerability and lack of support 1:06:45 Bringing light into this space 1:09:49 Parenting and setting up a safe home 1:14:18 Respect children’s experiences and validate their feelings 1:16:22 Creating security, safety, and being present for your children 1:20:03 Teaching children this is a complex word 1:22:02 The feeling of shame and confusion 1:26:54 How to react when a child speaks about the abuse 1:29:53 Guidelines to set up a safe environment 1:32:28 Why are men uncomfortable with this topic? 1:37:46 Even in darkness, there is a healing Follow us! Gen Aleph Website - Twitter - IG - YT -

Child Safety Starts at Home: The Power of Open Communication Between Parents and Children
19 Nov, 2023 Child Safety Starts at Home: The Power of Open Communication Between Parents and Children

Want to learn how to build an unbreakable bond with your kids? How to gain their trust and help them feel comfortable to tell you anything? How to protect them from abuse by building a good relationship? In this episode of The Jews Next Dor, we are talking about strategies to gain your children's trust and make sure they know they can come to you during both good and bad times. Our amazing guests are: Rachel Zimmerman - Trauma and Abuse Prevention Consultant for Upward Community Services, Trauma Clinician in Private Practice Sara Horowitz Berkovich, LMSW, Psychotherapist in the Tikvah Center at Ohel in Brooklyn, NY Rabbi Yakov Horowitz - Innovative Educator, Author, and Child Safety Advocate Rav Avremi Zippel - Shliach, Director - Young Jewish Professionals Utah Sophie Baum, Student from Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School (RKYHS) Talya Nativ, Student from Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School (RKYHS) Emily Tennenberg, Student from Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School (RKYHS) Tune in to hear about the techniques for developing a relationship in which kids feel comfortable confiding in anything, from secrets to struggles. Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction to Rachel Zimmerman 02:18 Do parents still need to be as concerned? 04:11 The most important steps to take to keep children safe 13:31 How to talk to a child about safety and not make them anxious? 18:10 What should more parents know about safety? 21:27 Believing a child but also having a good investigation system 23:09 Is Teshuvah enough for a person who offended a kid? 25:35 Introduction to Rabbi Avremi Zippel 28:20 Why do children stay silent about the abuse 33:36 What can parents do? 37:53 How to help a child overcome shame? 43:15 Opening about the abuse 46:58 Talking about uncomfortable things 50:10 Final message from Rabbi Avremi Zippel 51:17 Introduction to Yakov Horowitz & Sara Horowitz Berkovich 51:39 Being able to tell your parents anything 57:22 How to build a good relationship with your children? 1:01:16 If you don't want to make mistakes, don't get out of bed 1:05:28 Things hard to share 1:08:39 Be vulnerable and put children before your pride 1:10:31 Introduction to Sophie, Emily and Talia 1:10:55 Being honest with your parents 1:16:13 Can parents understand their children? 1:20:23 How can parents build trust with their children? 1:22:58 Would you tell anyone if someone acted inappropriately? 1:29:39 People need to share 1:31:49 Building a relationship with your child with Rachel Zimmerman 1:36:08 The cues that an abuse is going on 1:39:04 Why wouldn’t children want to tell parents about the abuse? 1:42:53 How to create a relationship where children can tell you anything? 1:48:02 Is it OK for children to have secrets? 1:51:17 Talking to older children about keeping secrets 1:53:41 The final message

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