Our Courses


Child Safety Month: Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem


Bullying Course: Strategies for the School Year & More: Raising Strong, Sensitive, Socially Responsible Children


Inside the Teenage Mind

As parents, we all want to better understand the challenges our children face. In this course, we will tackle various religious topics to help understand what our children go through. I will share many ideas and tips on how to help our children navigate and grow in their religious commitment.


Parents and the Pesach Seder: A Practical Guide


Pre-Pesach Parenting

In this course, we will get ready for Pesach with Rebbetzin Mindi Hauer on the following topics:

- Framing the significance of what Pesach is all about - for ourselves
- Practical strategies to further inspire ourselves about Pesach
- Practical strategies in the technical preparation for Pesach
- Strategies to engage and inspire our children in the preparation for Pesach


Getting Along with Your Strong Willed Child

Kids don't come out of a mold. Some are more go-with-the-flow, while others are more strong-willed. In this session, Mrs. Adina Socolof will be diving into navigating the strong-willed child while maintaining a warm and positive relationship.


The Power of Influence on Parenting

What is the power of influence on parenting? Learn about this and much more in this insightful course with Rebbetzin Mindi Hauer


Building a Relationship with One’s Child

In this first course, we will be taking a deep dive into building a relationship with one's child. Enjoy!

Rabbi Phil Karesh - Executive Director, Community Projects & Partnerships
Rabbi Yair Menchel - Program Manager, Community Projects & Partnerships, Jews Next Dor Podcast Host