10. Pre-Pesach Series Ep.5 | The Seder Preparation w/ Rabbi Yechiel Weberman

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10. Pre-Pesach Series Ep.5 | The Seder Preparation w/ Rabbi Yechiel Weberman

About the Episode

How to prepare an exciting and educational Seder? What props and visuals to use to keep the kids involved? What does the Seder look like in Rabbi Weberman’s home?

Rabbi Yechiel Weberman is known as the King of Pesach because of the awesome content he shares on his website – AwesomePesach.com. In this episode, we will hear some great advice on preparing an amazing and fun, but also educational Seder that will convey the right message and keep the kids involved and happy.

Check out Rabbi Weberman’s content at www.awesomepesach.com

[00:00] Background and coming into Jewish education

[04:57] The goal of the Seder is to transmit the message

[07:53] Telling stories about God’s love

[11:58] It is essential to prepare for all aspects of the Seder

[14:28] Using pictures and props to build up a story

[16:36] How to involve older kids – asking questions

[20:55] Tips for parents on how to lead the Seder

[24:55] The Seder in Rabbi Yechiel’s home

[30:10] Props and visuals to use to create an amazing experience

[35:07] Reading Haggadah and making it alive

[42:58] Having the Seder in a hotel

[45:35] Final message


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