11. Pre-Pesach Series Ep.6 | Making a Fun and Creative Seder w/ Sari Kopitnikoff

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11. Pre-Pesach Series Ep.6 | Making a Fun and Creative Seder w/ Sari Kopitnikoff

About the Episode

In this final episode of our Pre-Pesach series, we end off with the creator of That Jewish Moment – Sari Kopitnikoff. She is sharing some amazing and very creative ideas on how to prepare an incredible Seder for your children.

Sari is an experiential educator, digital artist, educational performer, and content creator. She is passionate about creating books, games, activities, shows, and virtual challenges that bring Judaism to life.

For the last decade, she’s taught elementary, middle, and high school, but her creativity and energy have reached beyond the classroom, bringing the sparks of Jewish life to all parts of the world.

In 2014, Sari began That Jewish Moment, a colorful, meaningful, and heartfelt collection of drawings and programs that showcase the spirit and beauty of Jewish life.


[00:00] Introduction to Sari Kopitnikoff

[02:38] What inspired Sari to go into education

[05:20] The beginning of Pesach workshops

[07:15] Keeping kids on their toes – practical examples

[09:14] Advice to parents on how to create an amazing Seder

[12:10] The goals and themes to be focused on

[18:20] The Seder in Sari’s home

[22:05] The use of visuals – it doesn’t have to be perfect

[23:47] How to make Haggadah text come alive

[26:33] How to differentiate first and second night

[28:38] Take off the pressure from the Seder

[30:30] Installing emunah in your kids during the Seder

[31:35] Keep expectations low


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