Child Safety – Substance Abuse – Stephen and Kevin Hill (5/6)

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Child Safety – Substance Abuse – Stephen and Kevin Hill (5/6)

About the Episode

How can parents prevent their children from drug use and drug addiction? How can parents recognize the red flags of substance abuse? What steps to take when your child is an addict?
Welcome to another episode of The Jews Next Dor! Substance and alcohol abuse are unfortunately very relevant in our community. Yeshiva League students are above the national average in alcohol consumption and not very far off in drug usage.
Therefore, we are talking to Stephen Hill, who himself fell into the trap of drug addiction but fortunately managed to escape it and successfully recover. Stephen Hill is the Founder of Speak Sobriety, a best-selling author, an amazing speaker, a recovery coach, and a fierce attorney advocating for treatment over incarceration.
We will also hear his father Kevin talking about being a parent of an addict and the hardships his family had to go through because of his son’s drug addiction.
Tune in to hear their powerful story!
Time Stamps:
[00:00] Who are Stephen and Kevin Hill?
[04:48] The beginnings of Stephen’s addiction
[14:30] Addiction treatment and recovery
[21:06] COVID pandemic and law school graduation
[25:05] Speaking about the addiction
[27:03] Kevin’s experience with Stephen’s addiction
[31:05] Why do people use substances?
[33:25] Talking to kids about addiction
[37:55] The cause of Stephen’s addiction
[43:08] What would Stephen say to his younger self
[45:46] Alcohol is equally dangerous but socially acceptable
[52:19] The stress of having an addict in the family
[57:07] Criminal justice system and addiction
[1:01:08] Red flags for parents to pay attention to
[1:04:49] How to protect children and prevent addiction?
[1:12:16] The final message for parents
[1:15:20] Wrapping up
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