Marriage Advice from the #1 Jewish Matchmaker | Aleeza Ben Shalom

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Marriage Advice from the #1 Jewish Matchmaker | Aleeza Ben Shalom

About the Episode

In this episode of the “Jews Next Dor” podcast, we welcomes special guest Aliza Ben Shalom, known as the Jewish matchmaker from the Netflix show Jewish Matchmaking.

Aliza shares her expertise and offers marriage advice, discussing the importance of conflict resolution skills in relationships. She emphasizes the significance of overcoming challenges and how it impacts the future of a couple’s relationship.

The conversation also explores the impact of Aliza’s role on her own marriage and how it affected her children. Tune in to gain valuable insights into building a strong and resilient marriage.

[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:03:29] A conscious decision in parenting.
[00:07:32] Ingredients for a successful marriage.
[00:10:11] Timing in difficult conversations.
[00:14:14] Building tools in the relationship.
[00:17:23] The deeper goal of marital harmony.
[00:21:24] What must be dealt with.
[00:23:08] Putting Shalom Bayit first.
[00:26:14] Conflict resolution in marriage.
[00:30:29] Saving marriages before they break.
[00:32:38] Unconditional love in relationships.
[00:37:39] Disposable culture and relationships.
[00:39:11] Couples group therapy and struggles.
[00:43:39] Prioritizing children over marriage.
[00:46:06] Building a successful family.

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