When Marriage Challenges Affect Parenting | Rabbi Jonathan Muskat and Dr. Yael Muskat

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When Marriage Challenges Affect Parenting | Rabbi Jonathan Muskat and Dr. Yael Muskat

About the Episode

What do we do when our marriage issues are effecting our parenting? What does a healthy marriage look like? How do marital problems affect our children? How to deal with marital problems and challenges?

Welcome to another episode of The Jews Next Dor! Our guests today are Rabbi Jonathan Muskat and his wife Dr. Yael Muskat, who answer these questions and more in this intervention episode of our month of Shalom Bayis.

Rabbi Muskat is the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Oceanside, a Vice-President of the Rabbinical Council of America, a teacher, an administrator, and a Rebbe at Shulamith High School for Girls in Long Island. He is also a pastoral health care liaison at South Nassau Communities Hospital.

Dr. Yael Muskat is the Director of the Counseling Center at Yeshiva University and the Dean of Mental Health and Wellness. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology and has worked as a therapist and consultant in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, community mental health centers, and a Family Court, as well as being the Rebbetzin of the Young Israel of Oceanside, where she has been privileged to raise her family and to be part of a warm and vibrant community.

We continue our discussion on Shalom Bayis, with a focus on the intervention – what happens when it is not working, and the effects on children, and how to build good marital relationships.

[00:25] Handling important decisions as a couple
[04:56] Supporting each other’s goals
[08:12] Having an open relationship with children
[12:31] Counseling for challenges in marriage
[17:56] Healthy conflict vs. ad hominem attack
[20:27] Silent treatment and a lack of communication
[27:32] How does shalom bayis counseling look like?
[35:36] Healthy habits in a relationship
[39:32] The challenges of social media
[42:37] Dealing with the effects of parents’ shalom bayis issues on children
[47:35] Shalom bayis issues and child’s relationship with HaShem
[50:50] Shalom bayis issues now and in the past
[55:19] The impact of having children on marriage
[59:45] The final message

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