Parenting Tips for Talking to Your Children About War in Israel | Rabbi Yair Menchel

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Parenting Tips for Talking to Your Children About War in Israel | Rabbi Yair Menchel

About the Episode

This episode features Rabbi Yair Menchel who provides guidance and advice to parents on parenting and communicating with children of all ages during the difficult time we are in with the war in Israel. He emphasizes the importance of validating children’s emotions, compartmentalizing adult stress, and modeling healthy coping strategies. Through discussing an adapted story about the war in Israel, Rabbi Menchel offers tips for age-appropriate conversations with young kids. For tweens and teens, he recommends listening without judgment, being prepared to discuss tough questions, and finding ways for them to contribute positively. Overall, the episode aims to help parents support their children’s mental well-being and process events in a developmentally suitable way during periods of crisis and uncertainty. Viewers can learn practical parenting techniques to foster open communication and ensure kids feel heard, secure, and empowered.

0:01 – Parenting during a crisis with tips for self-care and emotional well-being.
4:07 – Preparing children for the world
7:30 – Explaining the story ‘There is a War in Israel’ to young kids
8:26 – Israel’s war and its impact on children.
15:22 – Navigating tough topics with kids
16:45 – Validating emotions and having difficult conversations with tweens
17:45 – Modeling healthy coping and supporting teens
19:36 – Supporting your teens during times of tension.


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